• Are you looking for a product or service, but hate going from one place to another to look for it?
  • Are you frustrated that your chosen product is out of stock? Or, the shop that has it is closed?
  • Are you just tired of going away across the city to look for the product or service you want?
  • Well, you are in the right place. Download XYZ app today.
  • Not only will it help you easily and conveniently locate the store that has the product or service you are seeking, but it will also help you earn free mobile balance each time you step out to shop. What more could you ask for in a world that is ruled by mobile phones?

Handy Ads app has the distinction of being the first mobile app that allows users to find products or services in real-time. It connects the users who are searching for products and services with the crowd users who are already present in shopping centres or market areas.

The app makes the entire process of locating a product or service quick and simple. It also lets you know of its availability and pricing. It is convenience that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home or office for a nominal amount.

    Some of the categories that you can run a quick and effective search are:

  • Automobiles
  • Building & Construction
  • Grocery
  • Health
  • Stationery
  • Services

Download This App Today!

Stop spending time and money looking for products and services. Instead, download the Handy Ads app today and you can find everything you need with a simple touch

  1. Is HandyAds Free App?
  2. Yes HandyAds is a free app for all users, with the ability to create a registered account or join as a guest user.
  3. What is the difference between guest users and registered users?
  4. Registered users get to receive emails from the app on clicking on more information button with the landing page for the video he was watching.
  5. Can I change Presences list after I chose one?
  6. Yes, you can always change your selection of preferences list through the mobile app setting. Go to HandyAds logo on you home screen>Settings>Preferences>Update Preferences.
  7. Can registered user turn off email links?
  8. Yes, registered users can turn off emails through clicking on the HandyAds logo on the home screen> then switching on/off email Service.
  9. Why does the HandyAds have a location service?
  10. The location service is to provide users with the offers provided within the area of the user, it can be turned on to get notification for offers in your area, or you can turn it off and add (Offer) from preferences list to get notified if any offer is uploaded to the app.
  11. How long is each video?
  12. All videos are 15 seconds long with the ability to skip or return to any video.
  13. Does HandyAds collect my browsing history, or contact details?
  14. HandyAds does not collect any browsing history, nor contact details.
  15. Why are there cookies requests on clicking on (More Information) button?
  16. On clicking on more information button, you will be redirected to the suppliers’ landing page, HandyAds does not have any control over the landing page of our supliers’ website.